Necrophonebook Directory services for Dead NPCs


Tommy Brass Werewolf hunter.
Dale Blowers Hunter and owner/director of Bear Creek Hunting Preserve. Hunter Coordinator.
Pat Murphy Angel hunter
Tom Clark and Demon HunterBand of Demon Hunters based in New Hampshire
John Dickson Ghost hunter and member of the Michigan State Militia.
Courtney Marshall Ghost and Changeling hunter
Max Powell Hunts demons, oddities and obscure things
Deborah Mullins Hoodoo practitioner and ghost hunter
Dean Winchester Bearer of the Mark of Cain
Remy LeBeau Creole man that hunts Djinn and other Loa related spirits.
Jared Miner Geeky History major at Harvard and best friends with Diego Chole
Diego Chole Lacross player at Harvard and a hunter in his spare time
Alfred Tayler General hunter that had family killed by Windego
Caleb Starns Hunter at The Thirsty Beaver, shapeshifter hunter.
Daniel Parker Hunter at The Thirsty Beaver, Shapeshifter Hunter.
Paula Owens Hunter at The Thirsty Beaver, General Hunter.
Mac Stout Hunter at The Thirst Beaver, Spirit Hunter.
Leanne Brown Owner of The Thirsty Beaver, Hunter Lore.
Grandma Moiser Loa practitioner in Key West, FL
Naomi Carter Salem hunter of spirits and ghosts
Andre Tommin Salem hunter of natural demons as he says.
Karl Tanner Owner of the Lodge a hotel in Chicago, IL
Karrin Murphy Bangore Detective


Hekham Earthbound Demon that rose against Lucifer and was bound as a result.
Amantiel Warrior Angel
Tyriel One of the guard angels around the Abyss, works for Eremiel
Michael Archangel
Castiel Cas Powerful Warrior Angel
Zakiel Warrior Angel.
Corazon Demon acolyte of Belial and an experimenter.
Troile Warrior Angel
Chuck A “prophet of the Lord” who just might be God himself.
Apothis Warrior angel
Araqiel Angel over Earth
Galgaliel Prince angel of the sun
Eaiel angel with dominion over occult sciences
Hamon beautiful prince
Sorath angel of the sun
Yerachmie angel who rules over earth
Eremiel “Angel over the Abyss” The thought taker.
Huzik Follower of Heckham in Hell


Belial Fallen angel and powerful sorcerer.
Bael Was Abaddon’s general
Hiokashi Gomi New torturer for hell.
Brutus Demon from Rome and was a part of the Roman army around 200 B.C.
Baba Yaga Demon that was the basis of the legend of the same name.
Nehsi Demon that in life was an explorer in ancient Egypt.
Justin Lakebourne Goofy, charismatic guy. Son of an author Cassy Lakebourne.
Megan Scott aka collie, she is a young girl that has a crush on Gabriel Gottfried.
Ezekiel Immortal man that runs a bar in Louisiana.
Maria Nagaraja in Ohio
Balthazar Demon of the house of Beelzebub
Maggot Thrall of Balthazar
Drake Host for Balthazar
Alanzo Pippens Advisory at Godfrey Industries.
Brennon Thomas the little devil boy
Collin Boyers man in the photo
Mycthia Witch from the void
Elenthial Female Sorcerer friend of Belial


Jess Richardson Daughter of Amelia Richardson and Sam Winchester
Michael Gottfried Father of Gabriel Gottfried. Lawyer in Bangor
Valery Gottfried Mother of Gabriel Gottfried. Librarian at Bangor Public Library.
Charles Bowyer Priest that died in fire at St. Paul’s
Sheriff Mort Humphrey Sheriff of Chesterton, IN
Clarence White Swamp tour guide and Voodoo Lore in Lafitte, LA
Nanette White Bed and Breakfast, Voodoo Lore, Hoodoo practitioner wife of Clarence.
Mitchell Garner Owner of Full Throttle
Amy Garner Wife of Mitchell Garner and over the restaurant side of Full Throttle
John Ketchum Politician from Ipswich that moved to Amityville.
Richard Ghaiman Odd occultist and Maple farmer from Derby Line, VT.
Gordon Rahl Odd Fellow with a past, former Occult ties now living in Nobleboro, ME.
Duncan Conner Army Vet turned farmer, lost all livestock in Nobleboro, ME.
Curtis Lowe Arms dealer works with Fances Artuso.
Cypher Windu Star Wars nut, Hacker, Conspiracy Theorist.
Ling and Kuma Ling is a psychic girl and her pet “Panda” grizzly bear.
Yuri Vovchanchyn high level Bratva and has a lot of control over the mafia economy.
Arthur Moore Art is the son of a business man in Bangor, ME
Vincent and Meredith Scott Megans parents
Cassy Lakebourne Horror writer, local celeb.
Omar Muslim Jordanian Historian
Lydia White Student Body President at Harvard
Daniel Sulivan CIO of Duncan Industries
Sarah Mitchell Parks and Recs
Ivor Schlinko Russia Ambassador for the UN.
Simon Crouse Program Manager for Cox Communications

Gottfried Enterprises

Marcus Anderson Son of founder
Natalie Corvonus PR
Sampson Knight Director of Operations
init d IT Director
Alyssa DeMarco Covert Affairs


Eddie DyerCOO


Dr Rex HatfieldCOO of DARVA
Dr Z – Necrotic Research Lead for Project Umbrella

Other things

Kriss Angel Possible Trickster
Baron Samedi
Nuwa Chinese Serpent Goddess

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