Dyrr Dottir

“A solitary ring of stones that are not too impressive. The largest stone would be four feet in height. In the center is a round pedestal of a black color. It’s done nothing for 4000 years, why now.”

The Dark Door as it is called due to one text found by historians that believed it was the words of Eric the Red. Just like the other standing stones around the world no one knows the purpose of these stones. They do not seem to be too impressive on their own, but with the events of Oct, 29th 2011, people are wondering why they were called the Dark Door.

On a piece of leather date back to 1100’s A.D. it was written that these stones were unlike any that the author had encountered in the new world. Something foreboding about these small stones. Snow never stuck to this circle, geologists determined that it was due to an exhaust vent like those you would find in hot springs was under the place.

Now people are wondering. Witches used them prior to the witch trials, and they have never been vandalized. in 1846 Justice Daniels brought his family out to the circle and killed them stating that he did not remember doing it. Bodies have been found here every 11 years, and always on Halloween night.

October 31, 2011 marks 165th year and bodies are due. The origins of the stones are still very speculative, but many state that the stone is a stone that would have been hauled from the middle east. The black stone in the center is Obsidian, a stone that can only be found in this size in South America. Something strange about this circle of stones, but none of that really matters now. The gate has been opened, what now will emerge?

Dyrr Dottir

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