Supernatural: Fallen Stars

What happens in Purgatory stays in Purgatory

Before he could survey his surroundings in Purgatory, he was standing before a Wraith like being who attacked him with a needle in her wrists. It managed to inject itself into his head before he finally was able to cut the thing’s wrist off. Next, a vampire something had bit into his side which Lucifer managed to lop its head off with his angel blade. Afterwards, he took off running only to run into a Rugaru. He tangled with the Rugaru and took quite a bit of damage before putting it down. Suddenly, he felt Noah start to shift and had to force the host to calm back down and sleep. The last thing he needed was running around in a werewolf host in purgatory in a blood frenzy.

Lucifer’s only instinct at this point was to find a place to hide and regroup so he could figure out what to do next. He knew there were portals to Heaven, Earth and Hell here, but only humans could pass through the Earthly portal. He held out hope for finding the Hell portal. He found a hollowed out tree to hide in briefly where some little leprechaun like thing told him about a place where a guy regular transported people in and out of different realms. The thing gave him directions which he immediately followed heading along a river. The small being had also told him that there was another angel down here as well named Castiel.

He did not make it far when he heard a familiar voice with a Creole dialect calling out, “Lucifer.” He raised his angel blade toward Baron Samedi but was thrown backwards with a sharp stomach pain and started vomiting blood and nails. The Baron taunted him saying that he would deal with him after what he had done to him and the others. Lucifer barely managed to get out a mental command to make the Baron stop his curse, but it was too late as the pain and vomiting did not stop. While he was laying huddle in fetal position holding his stomach, the Baron summoned a gang of ghouls commanding them to feast on him. He felt the ghouls tear at him, eating him alive. The Baron turned some ghouls into a throne and set there laughing at him. He felt himself being torn limb by limb, his lungs eaten to where he could no longer scream and his eyes eaten out. His entire body was ripped and chewed to where there was nothing left of him except his incorporeal spirit. Lucifer’s host, Noah’s spirit was nowhere to be seen.

The Baron picked up his angel blade and said he would keep his “pretty little blade.” The Baron informed him that in purgatory, your body is destroyed, but simply reforms later after whatever ate you defecated. Lucifer was outraged and threatened the Baron that when he got out he would deal with him and make sure his spirit was tormented and destroyed, and he assured the Baron that he would get out. The Baron directed the ghouls to a pit in a cave. Lucifer had no choice but to follow as his spirit was linked to this physical host.

The ghouls jumped in a pit and it was not long before they defecated. Lucifer felt himself pulled back into a body as it reformed in a pile of dung. This was absolutely disgusting and he wanted out of this filth as soon as possible. The body reformed in the shape of his physical host, but the host’s spirit was nowhere to be found. He attempted to flap his way out but he could not muster the strength. Eventually he was able to leap out, but it was not long before he was grabbed by invisible claws and knocked out. He awoke to find himself hanging upside down. Realizing he was in a cave of Wendigo did not make him happy as he had no weapon to fight with and what little angel powers he had were not working right here. He managed to pull himself up and cut the binds. Lucifer took off running but the Wendigo were too fast and he could not outrun them. He found himself torn apart several more times and put back together again before he was finally able to muster enough higher power and flapping to create for himself an exit out of the caverns.

Once out of the cave system, he had no idea where he was and he had no weapon to fight with. Lucifer attempted to summon his angel blade back to him, but instead felt himself pulled to it. He followed the pull fearing that the blade couldn’t come to him because it was warded or in some type of trap that the Baron had set for him. However, he had little choice. He needed his weapon. He approached an opening where he could see his angel blade impelled in a tree stump. He carefully stepped forward feeling a presence hiding. There were glyphs carved into the stump, one appeared to be a ward keeping the blade in place and another translated to “Look behind you.” Lucifer immediately pulled out the angel blade and turned around to see Baldur a Nordic pagan deity dressed in a werewolf pelt which reminded him that he was in fact naked. He clashed weapons with Baldur a few times before he heard horse hooves coming towards them. Lucifer saw a menacing figure with a helmet only revealing one eye riding on a 6 legged horse, Odin. Odin informed Baldur that this was his fight. Lucifer had no interest in engaging Odin in battle, so he flapped away as far as he could which was not very far.

He saw numerous beings that had been cut down by Odin just now. Suddenly, Odin’s huge lance pierced his heart and he could not move. Odin picked him up and moved him to another clearing and replaced his lance with a wooden pike. Lucifer managed to mentally force the thing out of him and took off running again, but did not make it far before Odin’s lance caught him again this time in the hand as it stuck into the earth. Lucifer jerked his hand free tearing his own tendons in the process. Just as he was about to flap, he found he could not access his grace. He tried Telekinesis but that did not work either. That bastard Baron had cursed him when he had picked up his angel blade somehow. He now felt completely human and these pagan gods were angry with him for something he did not remember doing, but he had no doubt that he had probably done something to them. They were petty wannabe gods who yielded no real authority. However, unfortunately here they seemed to have the upper hand. Unable to out run the monsters that suddenly reformed around him, he found himself again being eaten alive and torn to shreds.

Lucifer awoke to find himself lying on a rock in a cave. He was not restrained but could not move his body. Standing before him was a being similar to Medusa, an Asian female with the body of a snake. It was Nuwa the Chinese serpent Goddess. Nuwa mocked and laughed at him as she started cutting off his toes one by one and then severed his Achilles tendons. She informed him that she had an acupuncture needle in him keeping him paralyzed and from feeling anything. She then cut the tendons in both his neck and shoulders and left an opening bragging that she would make him like the serpent he is. A long female snake with a belly full of eggs slithered slowly into his body cavity. Lucifer screamed and cursed at her as he could feel the thing moving around his organs. When it crawled back out, it was smaller and Nuwa boasted that it had laid her eggs in him. He screamed for her to get those things out of him now, but she only seemed more entertained as she finally removed the needle in the back of his neck. Lucifer tried to jump up but only fail back down finding he could not walk or move his arms and hands. All he could do was crawl in a shrimp like motion. Nuwa left him there alone after informing him the baby snakes would be highly venomous. As Lucifer moved slightly he found himself surrounded by snakes.

All he could do was lie there and hope someone rescued him soon. He had no idea if anyone even knew he was in purgatory. Suddenly, he heard Joanna’s voice telling him to not hurt the snakes. Lucifer yelled “get me out of here now!” Joanna responded that she cannot as she is not allowed to but she did inform his allies that he was in purgatory. Lucifer snapped back at her yelling for her to get the eggs out of him. Suddenly she had a knife about ready to cut them out when he asked her to just make sure they did not bite him. He tried to lay very still as he could feel them hatching and slowly moving around inside him. Joanna coached them out one by one, except one curled up next to his heart that nearly bit him if Joanna hadn’t talked it down. Two others apparently died inside him which he found disgusting. Lucifer asked Joanna to retrieve his angel blade, but she responded that she had given it to the other him. This was not good news for it means Noah was here also in werewolf form and had an angel blade. He yelled at her to get it to him immediately and not to bring the werewolf part of him here. He feared his host would hurt him and did not want to face that possibility.

Joanna left and the next thing his saw was in fact his host which looked more bulky and angry. Clearly, he had indeed shifted due to the werewolf bite it had received by Vladimir’s cronies. Noah said he had a bone to pick with him. This was apparently literal as Noah shifted into a werewolf and started to throw him around and then kick the crap out of him. Noah literally ripped his femur from his thigh and started to beat him to a bloody pulp with it. The last thing Noah did was stab the angel blade through Lucifer’s brain until he could not see or function at all. This pacifist, vegan, Noah Jessen was now a blood thirsty monster, and hopefully one that would stay in purgatory.

His body reformed after it had finally died. Lucifer awoke to find himself standing before Noah looking at him with hateful, menacing, bestial eyes. Noah growled, “you better run.” Not arguing with that one, he took off running as fast as he could without being able to access his powers. When he tried to stop and hide, the menacing Noah was on top of him telling him he told him to run not hide. Eventually, Lucifer had been herded by Noah into a pack of Leviathan; he managed to escape them only to be back handed by Noah and pushed right back down in the middle of them. It had become apparent that his host was playing cat and mouse with him and had intended to destroy him by letting a leviathan devour him. The Leviathan made a quick meal out of angel candy.

He was shredded and digested more times than he cared to remember before he finally reformed to find himself next to a campfire full of werewolves in human form. One of them asked if he preferred to be called Lucifer, Lou, or Noah Jessen. He honestly never wanted to hear the name Noah Jessen again and was sure he’d be rid of it after he left purgatory. Under normal circumstances, he’d be proud at the corruption of an innocent pacifist to such a blood thirsty monster, but this was not normal circumstances. The werewolves were working for their alpha, Vladimir, and had been tasked with guarding him while Belial worked on the extraction ritual. Thankfully, Belial did show up and they exited out a portal similar to the one he went through when he thought he was escaping the abyss.

They arrived in a hotel safe house in Detroit. When Lucifer went to wash the vessel, he saw a disturbing site, his eyes were orange and his nails looked quite wolfish. It was not long before he heard a growling voice, “you can’t get rid of me.” The damn host’s soul had come back with him due to the ritual to lock him in the vessel. And even worse, it was a werewolf intent on killing or ejecting him. Noah wanted to stay a werewolf. After yelling at Vladimir demanding that he fix the mess that his people caused, Noah was about to force him to shift so Jenna had to show up and calm everyone down. Vladimir gave him the heart of the werewolf that turned him and said that if you eat it, it will possibly reverse the curse. Fortunately, instincts overrode the host’s desire to stay a werewolf and the heart was devoured. In the meantime, Belial conducted a ritual to reverse Baron Samedi’s curse to block Lucifer from his grace.

By the end of the next day, it appeared that the host was no longer a werewolf and the Samedi’s curse was reversed. Lucifer would make Noah pay for his actions in purgatory. He would make sure his son Jacob Jessen was twisted and corrupted with a soul destined for Hell, and as for the host, he would ensure that if Noah was not destined to purgatory that he would be sent straight to Hell as soon as he was done with him on Earth. Noah would not be entering Heaven. Next step would be to deal with Crowley once and for all which would allow him a needed safe haven in Hell.


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