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Supernatural: Fallen Stars

Welcome home Brother, or Not!

It was not long before a snow mobile pulled up, and a familiar face walked inside. It was Vince. Vince said he had been out for 20 days and he took him in the middle of nowhere in werewolf territory to keep him safe. Noah tried to get more information about the state of the world, but all Vince had to say was “war, famine, plague and death.” Vince handed Noah a much needed surprise… 2 gallon jugs of demon blood. After downing them, he felt like a new person. Vince informed Noah that he was to take him to Detroit.

The next day Vince and Noah left on a snow mobile, switching out for a pickup truck in the nearby town. They also stopped at a weapons store house and a walmart to stock up on needed items for the trip. The trip was uneventful until they crossed the border into North Dakota where not long after they tangled with an angel, successfully killing it. Later,they found themselves in the middle of a warzone with the government military on one side and the North Dakota militia on the other. Noah could feel angels on one side and a few demons on the other. Not wanting to attract the attention of the angels, They tried to get by without stopping, but a militia soldier shot at the truck, destroying the back causing the truck to flip over.

Noah and Vince waved their hands and ran towards the militia as they felt ice cracking under them. Two vehicles came out to meet them containing two demons and two humans. Noah chatted briefly with the human gunner who talked like your standard redneck militia guy claiming to be protecting civilians. Noah smirked at the comment stating they just shot at civilians. He wanted to get the stupid humans out of the way so they could talk to the demons and get out of here before the angels showed up. Plus, he wanted some of their blood.

They drove them to a safe area where the demons dismissed the humans. The demons were infiltrating the militia because they needed to make sure the missile silo was in their hands on Bael’s orders. Noah was able to get some fresh demon blood which helped quite a bit. Noah and Vince acquired a jeep and then went on their way.

Realizing omens were too heavy after watching three tornadoes tear up a village and another angel encounter, Noah realized they needed to get out of this hot zone at all costs so he used higher power to propel them forward into time. They ended up in a forest in Minnesota. At first, Noah thought he had screwed up the power because it was not snowing outside, but then he figured the weather was off everywhere.

They briefly stopped in a small town in Minnesota where they encountered a Creole gentleman named Remy LeBeau who claimed he was hunting Djinn because one killed his family. Noah gave them the info about NightMara and her children as well as reconnecting him with Oscar another Djinn specialist. As they left the town, Noah saw a tall, blonde hair blue eyed nordic man who felt like the embodiment of fear. The being winked at him as they drove by. Concerned that this was one of the Djinn, he called Oscar and urged him to hurry to Minnesota to connect with Remy.

Afterwards, they continued on their way to Detroit. The rest of the trip went smoothly until they were right outside Detroit. Suddenly a lightning bolt struck and a disturbing figure stood before them, Tyriel. Noah knew that he could not fight Tyriel amped up on Raphael’s grace in his weakened state, and he figured Vince could not protect him either. He knew his allies were nearby so he put all of his effort into flapping into city limits, but he did not make it. The next thing he knew Tyriel was holding an archangel blade to his throat.

Shortly afterwards, he found himself in darkness and an even more disturbing sight and he felt his heart sink. Standing before him was Michael speaking the words, “Welcome home Brother, we will get out when it is God’s will.” He yelled back, “No, it is God’s will for you to stay here alone!.” Noah lunged towards the cell door barely getting out of it before Tyriel shut it. Then he saw Belial and Bael heading an escape party. They gestured for him to follow through a tear in the fabric which Noah thought was the portal out of the abyss. At this point, his only thought was escape at all costs. Noah darted through following their lead to the other side.


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