Supernatural: Fallen Stars

Opening the Gates of Hell Part II

As Noah prepared to enter Hell, he and Belial discussed the possibility that the gate may not be able to open until the Four Horsemen were released upon the Earth. Although the horsemen had been active briefly before, there was no guarantee that they would still be technically considered active seeing as though there rings had been taken by Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester. Delila Star was tasked with recovering the rings and sending them back out to their rightful owners.

Noah teleported into the plane of Hell being careful to enter right outside of Bael’s palace as to avoid any of Crowley’s cronies. Outside the palace gates were lined with rows of motionless guards poised to take action. None of the guards responded or moved until Noah approached the palace doors. Two guards stood there holding pikes barring any entrance to the palace.

One of the guards finally spoke up asking him to identify himself. Very irritated at the entire situation, he asked if the guards didn’t recognize him. Apparently not with such a minute amount of his Grace

He responded that he was Lucifer. The guards removed their pikes and opened the large palace doors letting him in. The center throne was empty but there was an individual sitting in the seat next to the throne. Bael is skinny with red skin with gold thin twisted horns curling up and around his head like ram horns but with a different texture. Bael spoke as expected with a militant, soldier like tone. He stated that he knew what was going on and pointed to a large scrying mirror that made up the dome above him. Bael said he had a long thought out battle plan ready that was never used during the last attempt at Armageddon because they did not get to the seal to let him out. Bael acknowledged that he did recognize Noah as Lucifer, but that he did not feel like he should. Noah thought of course he does not feel right seeing as though he was reduced to lesser than a basic cherub. Bael really did not seem interesting in talking much more. In fact he had no interest in waiting for further plans to be made up top. He was ready to move like a good general should be. Noah observed the scrying mirror to see a very disturbing thing. The 20 demons that Tyriel and Eremiel were going to use in their sacrifice were in fact all loyalists including Meg and Old Scratch.

Either Abaddon or Lucifer had to initiate the command to release Bael and his army. Abaddon was still missing in action, and Noah was not sure he had enough grace to make the necessary command to let Bael and his army go, but he chose to put all he had into it. Bael waved his hand signaling his soldiers to ready themselves and the sound of a gate lowering was heard along with painful screams. Fortunately, the command was a success and the portal opened above them and soldiers marched as Bael and Noah rode a chariot about two times the size of a Babylonian chariot made of gold. However, Noah was exhausted from the ritual which had really strained the host. He could hardly move on his own.

As they exited the portal and rode up through the mines, the fire was exploding outwards. Once they reached the surface, Eremiel was there to greet them and was holding Samael with his angel blade to his throat. Tyriel flapped away from the scene. Noah wanted to scream and jump out of the chariot to destroy Eremiel, but he did not have the energy to fight. He briefly spoke to Bael who stated that sacrifices were sometimes needed. Noah knew that at least Samael had seen the gates open before he died. Had he not passed out, he would have lunged for Eremiels throat and ripped off those disgusting feathered wings. The last thing he remembered before passing out was Bael fighting in an aerial battle with Eremiel.


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