Supernatural: Fallen Stars

The thing that should not be Part I

Noah met up with Max Powell in the morning of Halloween Eve at Honeydews Bed and Breakfast. He expressed concern that after looking over the events of the past 5 days that the ritual being performed to raise this thing was eerily similar to the one required to raise Death. The fact that no one died one day indicated that a reaper was possibly assassinated or held captive. The dead ravens, ravens and livestock were very ominous with death. Several people had felt like their souls were being tugged at during the rituals.

Meg left to do some research while Noah and Max went to visit the standing stones which were on the property of Duncan Conner ex military guy. According to Duncan, someone died on his property at the standing stones every 11 years. Duncan was very upset about what killed his livestock and he wanted to find what was responsible.

When they visited the standing stones, Pat, the individual who had been observing it had vanished. When Noah called him, he heard his cell phone ringing, the phone opened up and there was a voice on the other in. It was Pat who still seemed to think he was in his body. The phone seemed to open and shut on its own. The phone was contained in a bag for further study.

Noah used one of Duncan’s barns to set up a circle to communicate with Pat. Noah wanted to be sure he was not infected by this being. It appeared that Pat was in some sort of illusion.

Afterwards, the group went to meant with an eccentric local who had an old library and specialized in herbs named Gordon Rahl. Gordon was a creepy man whose house smelled like old books. He feared the thing that was about to be released saying a witch had cursed him in the 1700s and forced him to keep living, and he was sure this same witch was responsible for raising this thing. Noah and Max both felt that Gordon was hiding something, but chose to make use of his library anyway.

Upon doing research it was revealed that the being was probably a Dark Elf from norse and celtic mythology. This was also linked to beings called Alps that sit on your shoulder and whisper nightmares into your ear. They are often linked to Djinn and feed on fear. Alpmaras are female alps. They came across a being called “Nightmara” which is dubbed “death’s cousin.” A Shaman tribe locked her away before when no one else could, and it is rumored that only a human could put her back. Nightmara was rumored to force people into deep sleeps where they have nightmares for eternity. The Iroquois had described a tall pale woman with long black hair and sapphire blue eyes. Noah immediately thought about a Djinn.

The standing stones were called Dyrr Dottir meaning “dark door.” Eric the Red wrote about them in a text that Max took to translate. Bodies were found on the site at the site 11 years on Halloween.

While they were researching, Duncan got a phone call from the Sheriff claiming another body had been found on his site. Noah went with Duncan to check it out and found out where Pat’s body ended up. He had jumped off one of the barns and written a foreboding message in blood, “At night they sleep at dawn they seek never awake but always awake mother is coming.” Seeing as though Pat was still bound to his phone, it became apparent that something else had possessed his body. The body now had dark blue eyes.

Upon further investigation of the standing stones, Noah realized the big obsidian stone was missing from the center. Around that time, Meg called to say there were more bodies at the morgue with dark blue eyes.

Noah and Duncan went back to the hotel to do more research. Max went to dig up graves to get some masks based on lure about the Iroquois using Death Head’s mask to prevent themselves from succombing to the nightmares. Noah spoke to Jessica who had done more research confirming the existence of this Nightmara being. Noah was positive that it was indeed the mother of Djinnn like beings and these Alps. As a result, Noah and Duncan went out to a local farm to get lamb’s blood.

On the way, Noah started thinking more about Nightmara and remembered himself talking to Belial accusing him of making the thing. Belial denied it as did Gabriel. Michael couldn’t be found. It was a disturbing conversation because clearly everyone was perturbed by this being. Next thing Noah remembered was seeing the pale woman’s bright blue eyes looking at him and he feels himself falling down through forests and going from hot to cold to darkness. He found himself enclosed within walls and Eremiel standing in front of him saying he had been a “badboy” and introduced himself as his warden. The next thing Noah knew was waking up to the car almost about to wreck and Duncan slapping him. They almost hit a semi.

They managed to make it to the farm and get a supply of lamb’s blood and meet back up with Max at the cemetary to help him dig up graves and make death’s head masks out of the skulls.

By that time, it was time to attempt to sleep. Sleep didn’t come well to anyone. Noah dreamed that he was being eaten by Sandra and apparently Duncan attack one of the old ladies that owned the inn thinking he was back in Iraq. Noah had no clue what Max dreamed, but clearly the masks didn’t help.

The next morning Max went to a nearby museum to visit an Iroquis exhibit and meet with the Shaman curator. Noah had to do a ritual to talk to Meg because she was unreachable by cell phone. She would be back in three hours. Noah quickly learned how an Alp possessed someone because it had possessed on of the sisters, one was attacking the other thinking it was her dead husband.

Noah stabbed it with the angel blade and that forced the being out. It appeared in the form of blue mist. Noah chased it and managed to force it into an obsidian gem stone for later study. Another one tried to get in the other sister, but Duncan got her out of the way and Noah bound that one to a separate stone. Meanwhile, Duncan started thinking he was in Iraq again.

Max came back with the curator a shaman named Johnny. Johnny had given him a knife made of albino deer bone that would allow the Nightmara to be locked away again. Meg was able to track the witch responsible for the ritual by using a piece of skin that was left on the knife for when she tried to steal it and apparently the knife burnt the witch. The witch and her 6 cultists were tracked to a warehouse not far out from the Duncan farm.

At this point, the group agreed the best course of action was to stop the being from being released to begin with. As far as Noah knew, the only thing that could definitely kill Nightmare would be Death’s Scythe and possibly Charon’s Scythe. An archangel blade could possibly stall it.

Johnny set out to work on reversing the ritual at the standing stones, and Noah accompanied him. Noah passed out and found himself chained in a fishery facing Tyriell again and heard himself reveal his location. While he was sleeping, according to Max and Meg, Max summoned an angel to get divine blood for the ritual, and Tyriell showed up. Max stabbed him getting blood and Meg banished him. Noah and Duncan both had passed out and eventually woke up by Max.

By now all the locals had blue eyes and were killing each other. Meg had to be locked in a room because her eyes were now blue. Duncan had to throw out tear gas to clear a way for Johnny to do the ritual. Noah, Max, and Duncan left to take out the witch at the warehouse.

Duncan being ex military was able to easily organize an ambush. They used shape charges with lamb’s blood and silver to blast open the main entrance, and they entered through another door. There was the red headed witch with 6 cultists in the process of sacrificing 13 infants in order to release Nightmara. The three open fire killing some of the cultists. The witch nearly knocked Duncan out with a greenish bolt. Noah used TK to slam a large fishing hook into her knocking her over so Max could stab her with the knife. He dipped it in lambs blood and stabbed her in the heart. She exploded in blue goo, but the ritual was over.

They went back to Honeydews to debrief. It appeared everything was over, but Noah still had some questions. Max left to recover, and Noah decided to revisit Gordon. Gordon admitted he had indeed lied and he was in fact from ancient Greece. He was cursed by Nightmara because he accidentally let a Leviathan out. Apparently, Nightmara hates leviathan.

Belial showed up expressing concern that Tyriell was merely an illusion and that no angel blood was used meaning the counter ritual failed and Nightmara may have still been released. Noah called Johnny at the hospital to verify and a female answered claiming she was set free and would be seeing him later. Noah called Max to contact Johnny and he got the same female. Noah and Meg immediately left to fetch Charon’s Scythe from a crypt up north. Max agreed to use it to kill her if she were really loose because it needed to be a human to do it. Noah did not feel he was human enough even without his grace to kill it.

On the way he must have fallen asleep because he found himself back at HoneyDews talking to Nightmara. She wanted to think him for being responsible for her creation as well as her current freedom. She said it was a side effect of trying to bind Death. She offered to assist him in dealing with Erymiel. Noah did not trust this and went to stab her with his angel blade. she stopped him and at that point he woke back up in the car with Meg. For a brief moment, his eyes looked blue.

They managed to get Charon’s scythe with no problem and chose to head back to the safe house to do more research. Noah was not sure if he was hallucinating still or if it might be simply a side effect of being infected by the Alp’s power. He felt it would be best to take a few days doing normal things and grounding himself in reality to let any hallucinogenics ware off before doing anything extreme.


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