“Freely they stood who stood, and fell who fell. ” ~John Milton Paradise Lost

The year is 2031, and much has happened since the beginning of our story. Lucifer managed to escape from the cage in which he was bound with the help of his most powerful allies, Abaddon, Belial and several others that fell from Grace with him. On the way out however, the guardian of the Abyss Eremiel stripped his grace from him.

The struggle was hard, but Lucifer managed to get his Grace back from the neck of Eremiel and then set forth to begin the Apocolypse once more. He opened the gates of hell allowing the army of hell to be set forth on the earth. This army was lead by Bael. This all was for naught as Lucifer was foiled once more by a couple of backstabbing demons, Crowley and Corazon and a new Archangel by the name of Tyriel.

Crowley died for his treachery, but Corazon escaped after the demons turned on the leaders of hell, the Fallen Angels. This left Lucifer with very few resources and had to face off against Tyriel to get back his greatest ally Belial. The gatekeeper was Tyriel’s enforcer Troile. Lucifer did not win that fight as Troile destroyed his host sending Lucifer once more back to hell.

Left with no other options Belial and Lucifer set out to get a new host. While they were in this process, Sam Winchester did something that Lucifer never expected and locked the gates of hell forever. This left Lucifer in a new host with very little in the way of memories alone with no allies. Now Lucifer has been made mortal, his grace completely destroyed. That was seven years ago.

Now, Gabriel Gottfried is graduating from High School with knowledge of who he is, with little magical ability and a daunting task of undoing what God has allowed by locking the Gates of Hell and making him mortal. This is where our story picks up now…

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“The path to paradise begins in hell.”
Dante Alighieri.

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