St. Andrews Episcopal Church is the church Noah Jessen and his family attend. It was the site of one of the Meteor strikes. The meteor crashed through the stained glass window of St. Andrew exorcising a woman.

St. Andrews is located on S. 11th Street. The church has been standing and growing since 1972 and was built on the ruins of a much older church that was originally built in the Frontier days that had been renovated until it burnt down in 1926.

The event would be called as the 11th Street Tragedy. The church burnt down during service and all parishioners died in the inferno. It’s said that everyone had remained seated the whole time. Everything in the place burnt except the bibles and the crucifix that hung at the alter.

The lot was barren until the Dioceses of the Episcopal Church declared that another church was needed in the area. The site was still in the possession of the Dioceses and so St. Andrews was built. Construction was completed 46 years to the day the church that stood there prior had burnt down.

The crucifix from the original church was hung back in St. Andrews as a keepsake from the old church. The bible of the pastor, Charles Bowyer, that died on the pulpit was placed in the town’s museum. St. Andrews was known as St. Paul’s at the time of the accident.

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