Charles Bowyer

Reverend Charles Bowyer was the pastor of St. Paul’s up until a fire took the life of him and his congregation. Bowyer was raised in southern Maine and was awarded a parish in Chesterton, IN. He began his ministry in 1901 at St. Pauls.

He was known to be a fairly extreme individual, but his love of God could not be questioned. Even for his extreme views he showed grace and compassion to everyone that crossed his path. In May of 1926 he gave a sermon that lead into a revival. In two weeks he had baptized well over 200 people. He claimed that he had been visited by an angel of the Lord and he was shown a truth that he had to share with all.

This Truth that he preached about for the next 40 days, every day of the 40 days, was that an angel would be coming soon to take all the faithful home to be with God. He stated that the United States was about to enter in a dark time that would be known as a Great Depression of the soul and would start wars riding on the Red Horse of revelations. The other horsemen would be coming soon… but they would be home before it happened.

So on June 15th of 1926 a record number of men and women joined in service at St. Pauls. The little church was standing room only as it could seat 250 people and 362 people died that night in the fire that lit up the night sky. The fire consumed the church down to it’s foundation within an hour. The count of the dead was given due to the number of bibles that were found inside. It’s said that the fire was so hot that not even bones survived.

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Charles Bowyer

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